CNG Training Courses

Marathon has long recognized the need for effective training of industry personnel. We believe that the success of the industry is achieved one project at a time. Through training, we are able to assist personnel in every role to ensure the success of their operation. Marathon’s CNG U training programs are all customized to each group needs.

Sample Training Sessions Includes:

Permitting Requirements for CNG Stations and Building Modifications:

  • Marathon has assembled a training program for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)--Building and Fire Inspectors to train them on the code requirements and practical real world application of these codes affecting CNG station design and building/facility modifications and upgrades. This course is conveniently delivered at the client site and has been highly rated.

CNG Station Design Fundamentals:

  • Our Engineers have provided CNG Station technical instruction to staff from most of the CNG station and component manufacturers, CNG industry consultants (our competitors) and to a wide variety of CNG Station owners and operators. This training is customized to suit the needs of engineering, marketing or operations staff.

CNG Maintenance Standard Operating Procedures:

  • Marathon reviews customer equipment and develops customized Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) specific to a particular site or Owner. Marathon will provide training for these SOPs.


Please contact us to design a training program for you.